Indigenous Mining Labour Hire – Land, Facilities, and Water Management

Indigenous Mining Labour Hire - Land, Facilities, and Water Management

By delivering fully coordinated contracts from beginning to end, we continue to have great success in the Project and Contract Management Space. This includes:

  • Management from design to commissioning with our team of project managers
  • Machinery and equipment hire
  • Serving as the liaison between companies, employees, customers, vendors, and independent contractors
  • The capability to create a team to execute your project
  • Contract management, managing your contracts, execution and analysis

We offer both permanent and labour hire solutions, tailored to each client’s needs. By providing full end-to-end lifecycle services across the Mining, Energy, Civil and Government sectors, we can offer a unique 360-degree service to our clients. We supply both indigenous and non-indigenous workers across most industry sectors.

  • Indigenous hire: accessing our network and communities to draw on reliable, local indigenous personnel.
  • Labour hire: contract hire of highly skilled blue and white collar personnel.
  • Permanent: executive and technical searches for the right candidates for direct employment with your company.
  • Volume project hire: drawing on a skilled and committed candidate pool, we are able to effectively mobilise large teams (>20 people per project) with short turn around times.

We are a Government approved contractor and supplier of land management services. We have qualified personnel (Indigenous and non-Indigenous) with expertise in environmental assessment, horticulture, labour hire, landscaping, re-vegetation, seed collection, fencing, site rehabilitation and land management.

Summary of services:

  • Environmental and land consulting
  • Supply of specialised horticulturalists
  • Provide Aboriginal knowledge and guidance.
  • Landscaping, Turf management and supply
  • General gardening & Grounds management
  • Planting, rehabilitation, and re-vegetation
  • Fencing and Land clearance inc. plant operators
  • Weed and rubbish clearance and disposal
  • Hire of plant and machinery

Our team of experienced trainers support a variety of tailored services across:

  • Cultural Awareness training
  • Employee empowerment training
  • RAP plan development
  • Welcome to Country
  • Pre -Employment Programs such as EWP, Confined space, plant operation, poly welding, water blasting etc.

Sphere of influence and unconscious bias training

  • Organisation Development: A holistic approach to analyse and design performance improvement including structure, systems, and culture improvements.
  • Culture Improvement: Tailored programs to analyse and design an approach to support culture improvement for teams and organisations.
  • Change Management: Support for projects and programs across a wide range of industries.
  • Coaching: Accredited professional qualified coaches with a depth of experience including direct management of teams and extensive industry experience.
  • Mentoring: Our coaches have considerable management and leadership experience and can double up as mentors for those who require more specific knowledge transfer on “how to”.
  • Facilitation: Design and delivery of workshops and events centred on engagement, collaboration, communication and ownership for improved performance and stakeholder or customer satisfaction.
  • Business Improvement: A wider approach to reviewing how a team or business area operates.  Followed by design, implementation, monitoring and measurement of success.  We have a signature program that addresses team performance, a management operating approach and leadership for sustainability.
  • Project Management and Business Analysis: Extensive experience across a range of industries and specialising in Information Technology environments.
  • Software development in Internet / Intranet solutions
  • Hardware and software supply
  • Windows applications and Smart device applications
  • Data Architect, design and modelling services
  • Re-engineering projects
  • Usability Engineering
  • Testing Solutions
  • Project Management Support
  • Performance Tuning and consulting
  • Program Management & third-party reviews
  • ICT Business Consulting and Change management coaching
  • T. Recruitment support
  • Product evaluation and Due Diligence
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Pre and post-sales support

Cleaning of:

  • Commercial premises and offices.


  • Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Consultation Services
  • Onsite scheduled Commercial Cleaning Service(s) personnel
  • Scheduled Periodical Commercial Cleaning Services
  • Surface sanitisation
  • High Pressure Cleaning
  • Hard Floor Scrubbing
  • Hard Floor Strip / Sealing
  • Vinyl Floor Strip / Seal
  • Reactive and preventative maintenance
  • Maintenance: Supply of Trades and services such as electricians, plumbers, painters, plasterers etc.
  • Grounds and garden maintenance
  • Life cycle capital maintenance strategies
  • Soft services: cleaning, security, pest control

IMS has the experience and capabilities to obtain water quality parameters from a variety of water sources, from bore water to potable water. Our data collection team are trained and competent in NATA accreditation on water sampling, with each member holding a minimum Cert IV in water/ wastewater operation and distribution.

  • We can supply on site water analysis and sampling from Offshore vessels to remote areas in Australia.
  • Technical support in all water and wastewater quality issues
  • Offsite NATA accredited water sample analysis
  • The ability to design, supply and install robust disinfection units, including recycling systems.
  • New water and wastewater services
  • Desalination plant installations and maintenance
  • Water and Wastewater pump station design and installation
  • Water storage Tank installations
  • Industrial and commercial plumbing
  • A variety of quality and reliability testing abilities
  • Water Bore Management
  • Water quality sampling
  • Bore productivity analysis and reporting
  • Professional bore and head installation
  • Telemetry fault investigation: sampling, videography (inside bore) and reporting
  • Advanced system testing and disinfection
  • Water Management Plane development
  • A team of in-house Registered Migration agents are available to support all visa applications
  • Support with Employer sponsored and business nomination applications.
  • Skill assessment support etc.
  • Overseas recruitment service

 IMS Dry ice specializes in Cryogenic Dry Ice Blasting, which is an efficient, environmentally friendly, non-abrasive, and waste free alternative method of surface preparation, cleaning & blasting. Our Dry Ice Blasting Process Will Remove: Magnetite, Carbon, Oil/Grease, Heavy metals, Corrosion, Coatings, Chemicals, and other contaminants.

Dry Ice Blasting Applications Include:

  • Heat exchangers
  • Vessels and storage tanks
  • Power Generation equipment inc. Turbines
  • Floating platforms, boats and oil rigs including hull de-contamination
  • Fixed and mobile plant Including pumps, conveyors, engine bays, cranes etc.
  • Electrical – Including switchboards, HVAC, Transformers, panels, lighting, PCB boards, sub stations etc.
  • Processing plant Including filter press, crushing plant, conveyors etc.
  • Fire damage, toxic waste and organic substances. Dry Ice Cleaning is effective in removing carbon deposits from electrical cabinets, brickwork, wood and other surfaces, removing most of the carbon and odour.
  • Removal of Lead paint, asbestos and Mold spores. In conjunction with our licensed partners, we can also encapsulate work areas and remove toxic waste on completion
  • Superstructures
  • Pre- NDT and Eddy current testing
  • Preparation for re-surfacing and immediate re-coating
  • Food Hygiene: Sterilization of surfaces including, camp accommodation, dining areas, frequently used plant etc.