Aboriginal Procurement Policy – What Does It Mean To Your Business?

What Does The Aboriginal Procurement Policy Mean To Your Business?

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Engagement With Government Agencies

As a major employer, investor, asset manager and purchaser, the State Government has the capacity to maximise business growth and opportunity through increased engagement with Aboriginal businesses.

The Aboriginal Procurement Policy implemented in July 2018 seeks to drive change by setting mandatory targets for government agencies prioritising Aboriginal businesses when awarding contracts.

The policy provides a framework for opportunity by supporting and aiding the growth of economic participation by Aboriginal people. Government agencies will enact procedures to ensure Aboriginal businesses are considered when tendering for contracts.

Market research will be undertaken in order to ascertain specific businesses and identify particular assets that meet contract requirements. This allows Aboriginal businesses to engage directly with government agencies and trading enterprises without being subjected to highly competitive processes.

Recruitment Labour Hire Perth | Indigenous Managed Services

What About Small Businesses?

It is essential for Aboriginal businesses to have the capacity to take advantage of large and long term contracts in order to maintain sustainability in the current economic environment. Therefore, opportunities will be provided for small businesses to tender for smaller components of large-scale projects or increase engagement through joint ventures. 

To be included in the targeted achievements, Aboriginal businesses must be registered on a suitable directory. The Aboriginal Business Directory Western Australia and Supply Nation’s Indigenous Business Direct have both been deemed appropriate for this purpose.

Education and training is available in the form of workshops, providing assistance and support to help businesses through the tendering process. 

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